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CSE has over 25 years of experience working with companies in the Electricity Distribution industry.


Our first project was with Central West County Council in Parkes in 1992 to install their first distributed SCADA system to monitor 5 substations. We have continued to complete substation monitoring and control projects all over country NSW for Advance Energy, Country Energy and Essential Energy. Essential Energy’s electricity network now covers more than 95% of New South Wales and parts of southern Queensland, making it one of the largest in Australia. It includes more than 200,000 kilometres of power lines, 1.4 million poles and almost 400 substations. Most substations are monitored and controlled from one of 3 central control rooms.  The SCADA systems in these locations have evolved from a number of independent systems to an integrated SCADA and asset management system.  CSE have provided services over this period for:

  • Design, installation, testing and commissioning of SCADA systems

  • System design and specification to upgrade older substations and add them to the SCADA network

  • Design and development of historical database systems

  • Design and development of automated reliability and performance reports   


CSE have also provided similar services for Aurora Energy in Tasmania to upgrade their SCADA system in Hobart that monitors and controls all substations in the Hobart area.


The Sydney Airport High Voltage SCADA System was designed and developed by CSE starting in 2007 and has been continuously added to and upgraded over the last 9 years. This project involved the design, development and installation of new and upgraded control and monitoring systems at over 60 High Voltage Substations and backup generator systems at Sydney Airport. Supervisory control and monitoring of these systems was provided by the SCADA system that was also integrated with the Airport Management System.

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