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CSE have undertaken numerous projects for our clients in the manufacturing industry.


Boral - NSW: Control and monitoring systems supplied by CSE control and monitor the distribtion of powdered cement from manufacturing locations at Berima and Maldon in southern NSW to over 16 Boral cement batching plants in Sydney and Newcastle. The cement product loaded into a particular B-Double truck is monitored and tracked from the manufacturing plant.  On arriving at a concrete batching plant, the truck ID is checked via electronic tag and the cement product and correct storage silo are identified. The silo filler valve is then opened allowing the driver to only unload to the correct silo. The system tracks the product from manufacture to final storage silo, ensuring products are not unloaded to the incorrect silo at the final batching plant.

Johnson & Johnson - Japan: CSE provided the Process Scheduling System in a new chemical plant constructed for Johnson & Johnson. The Process Scheduling System consists of software developed by CSE running under the Windows operating system. The AIMAX SCADA system is used as the Process Scheduling System’s interface to the Sequence Control System and the Operation Message System on the factory floor.The Process Scheduling System executes a batch sequence by executing process sequences of the Sequence Control System in the order indicated by a control recipe. During the execution of a batch sequence, the Process Scheduling System checks the execution conditions are appropriate before executing each process sequence. If the execution conditions are found to be "OK", the Process Scheduling System issues control commands, such as "Start".


Kellogg's - NSW: CSE designed and installed the Manufacturing Data Acquisition (MDA) System at Kellogg's Botany Plant, Sydney. MDA is a system that captures data on the shopfloor and passes it to a business system running an Oracle database. It employs an extensive range of devices such as photoelectric eyes, barcode scanners and weighing devices all linked to PLCs. Data collected by the PLCs is passed onto a SCADA system. From the SCADA, data is passed onto an Oracle database for use by the Enterprise Requirements Planning (ERP) system. The SCADA system is Intellution's iFix system running under Windows and consists of the traditional mix of SCADA nodes for process communications, and View nodes for operator monitoring and manual input.


Denso Corporation - Japan: Denso Corporation are using CSE’s Factory Window system to integrate the machines controlling a production line at their Toyohashi Plant in Japan. The line manufactures a number of different components and then assembles them to produce compressors for motor vehicle air conditioning systems.The manufacturing line is being developed in stages, with 2 stages completed to date. The final system will integrate over 80 CNC machine tools and 120 PLCs.

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